5 reasons to visit Amorgos

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5 reasons to visit Amorgos

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1. Visit the Monastery of Hozoviotissa

One of the most impressive monasteries in Greece. It’s a which is spread over 8 levels with a total height of 40m. It’s built into the face of the cliff with a breathtaking view over the sparkling blue sea of the Aegean. There are a lot more religious sights on the island worth visiting. They are authentic and timeless and always built in beautiful and peaceful locations.
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Levrossos Beach Amorgos Greece

2. Beaches that suits all tastes

Amorgos is surrounded by crystal clear blue and turquoise waters, the sea that gave the name to the movie “The Big Blue” by Luc Besson. Amorgos has a lot of nice beaches with sand, pebbles or rocks. If you like walking you can find your own little private beach where you can be totally alone.
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Walking path to Stavros

3. The beautiful “Blue Paths”

Amorgos is known for its wild and dramatic nature with herbs and beautiful walking paths. Also called “The Blue Paths” because whatever trail you walk has fantastic views over the Aegean sea. There are hiking tracks for all levels and the seven main paths are marked with signs.
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Psimeni Raki Festival

4. Traditional summer festivals

Visit one of the many summer festivals on the island. The most offer food and drinks accompanied by traditional music and dance. You have for instance the celebration of the church Agia Paraskevi which is the biggest festival in the Cyclades, The Psimeni Raki festival where you have the opportunity to see up close how this excellent beverage is made…
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Gastronomy Amorgos
Photo: Mtheol Photography

5. Enjoy the local cuisine

The local cuisine fetch is influence from the mountains full of herbs and goats and the surrounding sea. The menu consists of unique tastes, which are ideally combined with the seasons and the natural environment of the island. The traditional Amorgian cuisine belongs to the so-called Mediterranean Diet which is considered to be one of the healthiest in the world. Its base is vegetables, herbs, pulses, fruits, and cereals in combination with olive oil which contributes to longevity and wellbeing. It’s also a must to try the local drinks like the famous local liquor psimeni raki and rakoumelo (made of hot raki) and pastries like xserotigana, pasteli…


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